Sacré Solutions is synonymous with flexibility and transparency.
This means customization, so together, we look for the solution that is most suitable for your business. After that, we take care of the rollout, maintenance and management.




We provide you with the possibility of monitoring your printers, scanners, faxes and copiers, lower your printing costs, improve information security, and automate a large part of the entire printing process.

Sacré Solutions can provide for your printing needs. Printers and their accessories are often a hidden, but significant cost. Not only the operational costs, but also the time that is invested in it. That is why we offer a total service package, so that your company can concentrate on what needs to be printed, and not with the installation, configuration and maintenance of the printers themselves.

Never be without ink or toners at important moments. We take care of the automatic ordering, delivery and recycling.

Together with your company, we look at the needs, discuss the possible choices that most closely match your business and budget, and deliver, ready for use.